Nintendo Switch Console Great Idea, or Epic Fail?

Early adoption is a fickle game that we play, anyone who spends their hard earned money on the newest gadgets are likely to run into some issues. The Xbox 360 was a system notorious for its over heating causing the “RROD”. Microsoft was very good at servicing the gaming community with their customer service, fixing or replacing the damaged systems.

Microsoft has learned from their mistakes and have taken the time to make sure their next launch the “Xbox One”  was set on store shelf’s with out any major issue, but still it struggled in the beginning due to the failed Kinect and lack of games.

The Switch is an amazing system, the system looks like a tablet excluding the features known to Ipads and Andriod tablets. The system can be docked  in its station so that you can play games on your television. The controls are fluid and easy to get comfortable with and now with the versatility of disconnecting them and docking them on their on controller pads or using them single WII style is another great feature.

The amazing innovation that Nintendo brings to the market is not devoid of issues, we all know that Nintendo’s WII U failed due to poor selection of games coupled with a weak third-party portfolio. The Switch as of now are really showcasing third-party independent games, which i find is a great strategy but not one that should be so focused on its launch.

Like everyone I purchased “Breath of the Wild” and let me just say the game is out of this world. I must say it reinvigorates what made the franchise so fun and beloved but after you traverse every inch of Hyrule what else is there to do.

This is where i feel the system lacks, the staple of great Nintendo games that we all love seem to be rumored or showcased to be drawn out over time, which is fine but not on launch. I held high hopes for Bomberman to play it and feel cheated out of its boring game play. Although online is enjoyable and frantic at times it can not capture the excitement of its N64 hay day.


I have no problem waiting for great games but what will the system out of its dock resting and in my hands to play while the list of games start to roll out.


1 2 Swtich to me is a waste of money the games are fun for one play through and after it becomes $50.00 down the drain. I have found myself playing and purchasing the third party Indie games but even those games can not hold me for long nor should they.

Nintendo is a giant in the gaming industry for over 30 years, they out do themselves with their Eshop and Virtual Consoles, So why didn’t they do that?, why didn’t they roll out with a catalog of old school nostalgia. Instead of revamping Mario Kart 8 and selling it for full price.

I know i focused mainly on games and i haven’t discussed the technical issues with the system but with any system in its early edition will have some form of problems and that is a risk you take early adopting a system.

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