Top 5. Reasons Why Overwatch Is The Greatest Game EVER!!!

Overwatch is “The” premier game to be released in a long time. Now I will not be comparing this to Breath of The Wild, Skyrim or The Witcher since those games are monumental masterpieces that should be inducted into some kind of award for best Graphics, Gameplay, Expansive worlds, and Compelling Stories.

Overwatch is the best game to hit the gaming community ever because of the shear fun and replay value it holds and these are why.


You’ve just finished capturing the objective, the other team has done a pretty good job at defending it for the last 2 minutes.

An expert Genji is launching a volley of shurikens at Widowmaker keeping her on her toes. Reinhardt is approaching shields up protecting the rest of the team as Junkrat launches a barrage of bombs over him, causing the group to scatter.

Out of no where D.VA is charging in self destructing as she escapes her Mech further distracting Mei who is Desperately trying to freeze the group. Mei is creating an Ice wall to block the others from proceeding the time is almost up, when you hear “die” here comes Reaper who is untouchable at this point and  dealing fatal blows to the opposing side giving your team the coveted win.

5. It’s Rewarding


You’re at the results screen, your room is voting on your character, in an instant you hear epic, everyone you’ve just played with has voted for you as the MVP, next you see your KD, Objectives and all the achievements you’ve racked up as well as watching your XP rise.

There is no better feeling, than pulling off a win in Overwatch and being rewarded with skins, gear, coins, xp and acknowledgement. This is what multiplayer gaming should look like.

4. Graphics are Sleek and Colorful


Blizzard created the game with you in mind, the colors and visibility were implemented to give the game a larger view and to also appeal to a wide array of players. Every detail is meticulously set to open up not just the settings but making them more accessible, realistic and of course interactive.

The characters were created by a team of artist who want them to appeal to a broader audience capturing the sleek and colorful design of the game. It is like playing a Dreamwork’s movie. I will not discuss the “controversial” butt debate, about “supposed” “overly sexualization” of women in games. I coin the controversy as “Butt Gate”

The characters are stylish and vibrant that rival the stunning settings the game is set in.

3. The Story is Compelling but still a mystery.maxresdefault

Six Years prior to the start of the game

Overwatch  was an United Nations Group, that was disbanded due to issues and internal fighting,  causing two of its members to die,these incident’s lead to further declaring the group illegal. All of its agents going their separate ways.

The story is so intensive and well thought out each character with their own backstory and history.

What’s fascinating is the relationship between Genji and Hanzo two who are bothers pitted against each other.


If you want the complete story on the background and each character check out the official  Overwatch MainPage and the IGN video below compiling the character backgrounds

The new updates and further character releases Overwatch is fleshing out a story that is grand in scope.

2. Know Your Roleroles

Overwatch is not your common FPS and even though it plays similar to other FPS’s it is in its core a Moba despite the argument that it is not. The characters of Overwatch have different roles to play.

Offense : Who deal the most damage and fight in the front lines trying to immobilize the other team.

Defensive: Who setup traps, walls and bombardments of bombs, etc. this group helps in stopping and pushing the opposite team out opening up an avenue of approach for the offense and stopping the other team from advancing.

.Tanks: Taking a high amounts of damage to protect the team from an onslaught of attacks helping the defense setup and the offense maneuver around the map setting up flanks.

Support: Sitting in the backgrounds healing the team and keeping them alive long enough to decimate the competition.

Each type has its weakness so the promotion of team work can help build a strong team.

The interesting thing about the game is your not stuck to one character you can change during a respawn, in order to adjust gameplay for the betterment of strategy. It’s all up to you.

1. Blizzard 


Overwatch is created by one of the biggest pioneers of multiplayer gaming, with the mega success of World of Warcraft, Diablo.

Blizzard is versed in the psychology of online gaming, gamer’s and what works. Being developed by blizzard there will be many new upgrades and updates to come that will keep Overwatch fun and exciting for years to come.

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