A beginners guide to getting any video game you want.

How many times have you wanted to buy a new game and you come to find that once you are in a store or online another just as good game is also released at the the same time.

All of us would love to have the disposable funds large enough to spend on all the things we want but in reality we work hard and buy the things we can afford.  Here’s the thing you do not have to wait for that bigger raise or new job to get the money to afford the games you want. The same tips i give to people in my Gaming For Cheap Bastards guide on Amazon here is some of the beginning routes to take.



Choose a medium to follow whether it is a blog, webpage, twitter, Facebook, twitch. any medium that reviews and displays video games is the perfect way to see a game before you buy it. Reason this is first in the guide is to help you stare clear of buying a game blind, pictures and two minute clips of game play or even your local video game store can not capture the full experience of the game.

Follow your favorite Youtuber on Twitter, Facebook and take the info to decide if the game is worth the buy.

Speaking of Before you buy  Gameranx has a YouTube show in which they give you the real rundown of a game or system so you know what you are getting in to. GameRanx Before You Buy

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Choose Your Format 


In this day and age it is too easy to get anything you want by the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger, but what is the best format to get you games, which store is the best to get your games.

Do not focus so much on brand new games in the packaging and focus on the content. What I mean by this is if your a collector try to buy used games, you get the same stuff as new and it is much cheaper always ask for used games, Stores will give you a working copy and if it doesn’t work they will replace it or money back.


If you’re like me and hate leaving your house to get the latest game look at the price differential of digital versions. Beware, due to the low cost of maintenance and storage, digital copies are priced higher even after launch, but with time they  can drop in price significantly.

Companies want to sell out games at a fraction of the cost, brick and mortar stores want the same but they need to make a giant profit so eventually games will be discounted during flash sales and holiday sales. So that Mass Effect you want to try could be $39.99 before you know it.

Extreme Couponing 


No I do not mean to clip coupons out of the Sunday Paper,  but use websites like Slick Deals, Groupon, Retail me not to find coupons that can be used online or in store and some have apps that the retailer can scan straight off your phone.

Example as the post is being made Nioh the PS4 exclusive from Team Ninja (the makers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive) is on Slick deals for only $39.99 with free shipping, from best buy and if you are a member you get another $8 off making it $31.99, now that’s $20 down from its $59.99 price mark since its debut February 7 2017 and its April /11/2017.  I used Retail me not to try to find a coupon to see if I can take just a little more I found a 2% coupon for Best Buy bringing the total cost to $31.26. Not a huge savings with the coupon but still a major savings of over 52% of a game which received 9 out of 10’s  which peaks my interest. 

Nioh – PlayStation 4



Join clubs and Subscription, Clubs are a great way to save money look for the ones that give a percent off games when you buy. GameStop is not best when it comes to trade in’s or reserves (unless there is a collection exclusive to them that you “must” have). I will say use them to your advantage, use their $14.99 pro rewards program to save the 10% on used games and the points you will rank up to get coupons to save big.

If your a new game kind of person Best Buy is a good match 20% of new games 10% of used plus percentage off accessories and  guides. For two years your paying the same price for pro rewards and you rack up double the points on each gaming purchase.

Direct Game Subscirptions

Gamefly, Playstation now, and Microsoft’s new sub service allows you to play games sent directly to your PC, or Console and which keeps your saves on a cloud that if you choose to purchase the games at discount you can continue from where you left off.

 Do not Reserve anything (unless it is scarce to find)

As simple as that do not reserve a game even one with a huge franchise unless it comes with exclusive material like a steel book or digital content. The truth reserving is a way to guarantee you will be back to purchase the game it gives the companies a guide post to see how much money they can project on launch.

So there is no reason to reserve there’s a plethora of different places to get the game you want so don’t waste the money.

If you reserve and buy a game before it comes out and you do not know anything about it it could cost you a lot of money in the long run if the game is not up to par.

I cover more details on how to save money on expansive games in my Ebook GAMING FOR CHEAP BASTARDS and more books will be added to this collection but if you follow this starter guide it can help you to afford the games you want 

Check out the Ebook for more info

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