How to Earn Money Online to Play the Best Video Games

You’re researching all of the latest games and paying attention to your favorite YouTuber or reading Reviews online. There are a couple of great new released or upcoming Video games out or coming out and you want to play them now. Well I’ll help you get them but not by my regular coupon checking, sales watching but by doing the things you love .


Use Your Passion to Freelance

Are you an artist do you draw, illustrate people or fictional characters and post them online for all of your friends to see, Well use that and you could be making a little extra pocket change to get that new Oculus V.R..

Freelancing is so much easier now a days then people have thought sites like Fiverr host a wealth of talent that you can join and display your talents to make that extra money to get any game you want.

So think are you a Writer, Coder, Artist, Etc well check it out and see if you can make some extra cash not only for games but anything you want helping you save your hard earn check. Fiverr

If  Fiverr’s not for you, their not the only site you have, do a google search with Freelancer and your talent watch the money roll in.


Cut The Cord

I know this isn’t a passion but some people love Television but the truth is no one watches Television any more and the big networks are taking note.  Most people in this generation watch either Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

I know so many people who dread getting their Cable bill, looking through their statement and wondering why they pay for the service when the only portion used is the internet. If you are one of these people cut the cord, take the extra money you have now to get some new shoes, a nice jacket or maybe the latest game to add to your collection.

What I have done for the past 3 years is to keep Netflix and Hulu, this way i can watch all of the latest television shows and originals on my Smart TV and Phone on the go.

Are you worried you will miss Game of Thrones or Shameless do not worry, Subscribe to HBO NOW, or Showtime Anywhere, when the shows are available. I budget them, this way I know when the season starts and ends. I can raise my budget for those 3 months and cancel after they are over.

If you are a TV person focus on the Cord cutting programs like: Playstation Vue, DirecTv Now, Sling, or Youtube TV (which are offering a free trial currently).

I will make a review of all the programs, I have used them all and I will tell you the best for your dollar. The great thing you can get Starter packages for $15 that’s $100’s of dollars in savings to do what ever you want.


Learn Something New to Get the Things You want.

So you want to code or want to learn a new language, whatever you want to learn do it now and guess what, it is affordable. Udemy is an online platform to learn anything you want.

There are courses offered from coding, writing, to game design, anything you can think of people are offering it for you to learn. The best part the prices can be as low as $10. If you have a sweet niche or you are an expert from school, self taught, or have a skill from your main profession use it to teach others as well.

You set the price, one course that you offer could be $150 dollars, if you market it right you could be bringing in enough  money, Hey can you say X-Box One Scorpio. Check the site out or google search to see if any other platforms fit better with you.

If online’s not your thing, then coach, teach people in your local area. Everyone’s looking for a skill, use your new found knowledge or your years of experience to get the things you want.


Shop Till You Drop

Sites like Mypoints over cashback rewards for shopping online through big chain retailers giving you gift cards to be used to buy the things you want turning around to giving you more points. I list Mypoints since it is the site i have used but their are many more that offer similar incentives.

If racking up points seems a little daunting, then become a mystery shopper google search and review reputable companies that pay you just to shop earning money for you to get any Video Games as well.

You could even become a Spy, using apps like Quickthoughts this app which is available on Android and Apple. It is basically a paid survey app that asks you to survey the stores making sure the chain is staying up to snuff with your feed back and the best part you earn gift cards to use.



Have you ever sold anything on eBay or Craigslist have you felt pretty excited after the sale was done. Well if you have things lying around why not sell them, Books are highly profitable if you have the ones people ones like Textbooks and Novels.

Facebook, now has a way to sell anything you want and its a bit and i mean a bit safer then craigslist because you can see who you are dealing with before meeting but I always warn to exercise caution meeting anyone offline.

So lets say you found your platform to sell on, you’ve googled and found the safest place to sell, You’ve learned about a new passion, cultivated a presence as a freelancer. Why not brand yourself create something you can sell at a fraction of the cost to make and  profitable to sell. Using social media to promote your item will garner enough money to buy a slew of new games.

Tell me what you think, If you have any other ways share them below.

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