Don’t Worry About it, You’re an Empath

Emotions are a part of Gaming, Emotions  help carry you through the toughest challenges any enemy can throw at you. Video Games are a form of escapism, so sympathizing with a playable character is in a sense, you becoming one with them.

RPG’s are the perfect example of this. In a RPG you literally take control of a character, helping them complete their story. We have all been there, growing attached to the characters, falling in love with their personalities and quirks. Our emotions tag along for the ride,  we smile when they smile, laugh at their corny jokes and sympathies with their internal delmma’s. The hardest moments in any game, is to watch a character you’ve grown to love suddenly die, with all of the of the obstacles you go through, somehow fate has spoken and taken their life.

How has this affected you? Have you ever felt torn or so hurt that you cried. Have you ever become so angry, you wished you could jump in the screen and hurt the perpetrator? Well ……….


You’re an Empath. You feel empathy and that’s a good thing, you grow attached to the story and NPC’s. This means you have the ability to feel the emotions of others which  is a great quality but use caution it can be dangerous. You  become vulnerable to vultures who strive to take advantage of you.

Do not worry there are millions of others   just like you. The gaming community are filled with Empath’s. So many gamer’s coming together in threads and forums to share their unique experiences in game.

As a gamer, this super power to become so engrossed in the virtual reality, means you enjoy the game on a deeper level than most people. As a video game Empath, you pick up on things others miss. More Easter eggs are found by Empath’s then casual gamers.

These little details mean more to you.    The main character maybe be stunned or traumatized but you are ready to figure out what needs to be done. In an instant you and character are one. Your projecting their anger, their sorrows, you want to deal justice to this baddy.

You are more motivated to avenge your fallen friend. So your analytical mind is at work to solve the problem.  Why? Well, because these are your feelings now. Some Empath’s can bottle up their actual emotions, Video games become a way to expel these feelings. Your hurt character is giving you the proper template to express yourself in a constructive manner.


But there is still “The Problem”, you have to get stronger and figure out how to find and defeat this enemy.  No problem for you, this excites you. You are a problem solver, you will get to the bottom of this and finish the story. As an Empath, it is now your duty to figure out the secret and bring it to light. This will not only give your player peace of mind but you as well.

This character whether silent or talkative needs you to feel what they are going through and you need the same. In a weird way its symbiotic, it’s like you take on the Persona of this person, emerging you more into the story. This incident did not just happen to the character this is now happening to you. maxresdefault (1).jpg


Please, do not kick my dog

Sounds a little weird but what you may feel for a character is heightened with a pet or animal. These digital mounts, pets, and friends become more to you. These animals in your mind are pure hearted and lovable. If anything was to happen to this beloved friend will cause you to lose your mind. Animals make the best in game companions for you, even if your not an animal person. Animals bring a sense of Zen. Hurting them is a no no and No One Should Break That Bond.


So now you know little about your super ability. Being an Empath makes you the ultimate gamer, even if you do not understand how to harness it. It will be their for you when you need it

Now go out there and save the World.

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