Top 5. Anime and Manga You Might be Missing out on.

Anime is at an all-time high right now. Many fans of the medium range from die-hard to casual something that hasn’t been seen in a while. Usually Anime is enjoyed by diehard fans who have branched off into different genres.

Gone are the days of just watching fans subs online. Now Anime fans can watch any program almost immediately as it is shown in Japan. Services like Crunchy Roll, Viki TV for J-dramas and binge worthy places like Netflix and Hulu. Anime is one of the biggest and viable mediums out in not only geek culture but pop culture as well.

As an anime fan, we all knew this was going to happen, Anime is too good to just stay as a niche hobby for enthusiasts.  It has become so popular even my mother has a favorite Anime and she is well over middle aged. (she watches Seven Deadly Sins) This coming from a woman who hated regular cartoons as a child.

So with the wide array of services and programs here are some of the best Anime you may be missing out on

1. Berserk

A_Berserk.pngBased on a 1988 Manga by Kentaro Miura, Berserk follows a cursed swordsman by the name of Guts. The original Anime ended with the Golden egg arc back in 1998. Season 2 of the new series has started and it is definitely a must watch.

Guts and his love Casca are cursed when the survive a ritual of sacrifice imposed on them by their former leader and friend Griffith now known as Femto.  Griffith has returned and Guts has his chance to exact his revenge. The twist Griffith is a God now so it will not be that easy for Guts to simply kill him.

The Manga is way better and still ongoing so if this short description is enticing I suggest you try episode one of the original series. If you are short on time there are the Trilogy movies that recap the entire first half of the series.

2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Created by Hirohiko Araki in the late 80’s, tells the stories of the Joestar family and their endless war with the human turned vampire Dio. I have followed this series for decades watching the original Stardust Crusaders OVA of the 90’s. Now Jojo is becoming a household name in Anime.

If this is not a series you heard of I suggest starting with the first season which gives the complete back story of Johnathan Joestar and Dio set in the late 18th century. Their feud continues from generation to generation, spanning different relatives and countries.

There has been talk about the creation of Vento Aureo which tells the tale of Gio Gio the son of Dio and Johnathan Joestar. So if interested its is good to catch up now.

If you’re a manga ready the latest stories involve a time warp with an alternate version of the Joestar relative called Jojolion. The illustrations are so good, Some of Araki’s art was displayed in the Louvre in Paris.




3. Baki


Baki created by Keisuke Itagaki follows the titular character Hanma Baki as he strives to become the Strongest warrior in the world by defeating the best underground martial artist as well as his father, Hanma Yujiro.

Hanma Yujiro is the toughest warrior in the world, he finds a rich woman who instantly falls in love with him and tells her to bare his child in the hopes of him fighting him one day. Hanma Baki is trained all of his young life to live up to the image of his father. Never losing a fight as a child he strives to win the affection of his mother. When his father comes, he falls to defeat him which prompts his father to beat him mercilessly.

This beating invokes the motherly love and instinct in his mother, who tries to defend Baki but ultimately dies by the hand of the man she loves. Fueled by the desire to get revenge on his father Baki grows up to become one of the strongest teens in the world. He joins an underground fighting tournament in hopes of facing his father

This short synopsis illustrates the original Anime that ended on a cliff hanger. Now for the 25th Anniversary of Baki seems to show a continue of the Anime itself and focusing on the “Most Evil Death Row Convicts Arc” in the Manga, set to be released later this year.



Baki is the fighting anime you want to watch. 473314-yujiro_stretch


4. Innocent Rouge


Innocent Rouge is an historical fiction set in the 1700’s French during the Reign of Terror. The story follows the Sanson Family a set of Executioners who have held this position for centuries in France.

Marie- Joseph returns to France, to exact her revenge on the ones responsible for the murder of her lover. The plot delves more into the divide between duty and honor as well as commoner and aristocrats.

This is not an anime as of yet but with the amount of graphic blood and killings, I do not see it becoming one anytime soon. If you have the stomach for a more mature Anime with blood, gore this is one for you its well written and the illustrations are marvelous and it also helps that the main heroine looks kind of like Lady Gaga.

download (1).jpg


5. Kinnikuman (Not Ultimate Muscle)


If you’re like me, you’ll love old school Anime. I know a lot of people who watched the Fox kids version of Ultimate Muscle. This one is the Original before Kid Muscle is born.

Kinniku Suguru is set to be the King of Planet Muscle but before he can take his place on the throne he is sent to Earth to become a great hero. The first couple episodes parody known superheroes like SuperMan and Ultraman.

When the Time comes for the Chojin Olympics the stakes start to rise as the Devil Chojin are introduced. Kinnikuman (Muscle Man) must become the hero he is meant to be. This series is funny and engaging you will not want to miss any episode. It will have you feeling like you are watching a WWE or WcW program from the 80’s it is definitely a light and funny series that I love, way better then  Ultimate Muscle.

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