Video Game Crash 2025?

What a crash no ……. Video Games are booming, it’s impossible for them to crash. Titles like Call of Duty and NBA 2K have become a staple in the gaming community. The average person owns at least one gaming platform, whether it is a phone, home console, or PC. Gaming is now accessible in almost every format you can think of.

So why do I think we are headed for a crash, well history seems to be repeating itself. The North American Video Game Crash of the 1980’s happened similar to what’s going on now. Simply due to over saturation. Seeing the success of the Atari 2600, many companies tried their hands in gaming, thus generating heavy competition.

Each company offered a particular system with a library of exclusive games. Sounds awesome in theory but all they really did was over saturate the market. Too many choices coupled with poor sales led to the crash. Inflation due to the poor economy did not help and most of these companies folded, others closing their gaming departments. It wasn’t until the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System that created the resurgence in gaming that gradually increased into the culture we see today.

Too many variations.

The home console market has been dominated by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo for years. We are not new to the concept of receiving new versions of the current gen available. Xbox Scorpio and the PlayStation Pro do not seem like new consoles, but rather an upgrade to the current versions.

Although the console market is due for a new generation, it does not seem like we will be getting anything new for a while. Sales for these consoles are still increasing, introducing a new version will only force consumers to buy to stay up to date or scare people enough, into sticking with the consoles that they already own.

4k seems to be the next frontier into gaming but with the prices for 4K TV’s still at a high price point, I do not see the need for a massive jump to newer consoles.  We’ve seen this with 3D televsion, that has all but died out after the fad wore off.

Developers are taking note, even though there is a projection of 4K games to grow, the developers doesn’t seem to be adopting the technology anytime soon.


We all love classic games. God of War, Final Fantasy, etc. Who wouldn’t want to replay the greatest games in better quality.

The problem is simply the cost for you pay for remastered gaming, and it is a little high. Yes, playing games like God of War 3 in 1080P is alluring, but what about the newer iterations yet to come.

Companies are focusing on remastering classic games to boost sales or to keep you busy while you wait for the next big game. While the current catalog of games are low or regurgitated IP’s it’s nice to play something you have a find memory of. Rereleasing old games and making carbon copies of newer ones hurts the market, with this gimmick. Sad to say developers,  fans are becoming aware of this little trick.

Assassin Creed’s developers took notice and stopped the practice of releasing the long list of games when fans took notice. The complaint, well with the same game play over and over again fans started to drift from the series.

This move is good for the franchise, Call of Duty is doing the same with World War 2. Treyarch is going back to their roots, Seeing the success of battlefield 1 a popular war shooter like Treyachs #1 cash grabber. We are excited to see what they make out of it.

If more companies do not take this advice and inovate they will fall behind, sometimes it’s good to heed the warnings of the fans, or many might flock to other franchises causing a dip in sales.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming’s capabilities cannot compare to the sheer power of PC and Console gaming. Despite this lack of power, mobile gaming makes up for this in grand availability.

Everybody has a phone or tablet. It is easier to play and purchase a game on the go, as well as it being a lot more affordable. Console and PC are trying to release mobile content but for the most part, the games are either stand-alone variants or companion apps.

Micro Transactions can potential hurt the gaming industry as it is, a predatory practice of seeping more money from gamers, who have already purchased the game at its retail price. Micro transactions is a great model for Mobile gaming as well as Free to play games, but for supposed complete full games it is not something a person wants to continuously spend their hard-earned money one.


Pirating is bad, look at the Dreamcast. The system’s sales dropped due in part to pirating, unfortunately, the system did not live passed its infancy. DRM (Digital Right Media) is a form of anti-piracy that help to constantly verify games for the gaming companies. Clients like Steam, Origin, and Uplay use DRM.
Are the Games really yours? DRM is kind of ambiguous, reading through terms of service can become a little confusing. Here is the gist if you the purchaser does anything to remotely violate the agreed upon TOS, you the potential owner could lose your account as well as the multitude of games that you have purchased.

This has happened in many countries where gamers have lost their purchased games due to changes in trade embargo. Some of these issues have become resolved but the question remains do you own your games or are you borrowing them. This DRM issue might lead to more pirating.
Digital Downloads are hurting stores like GameStop who recently are projected to close a hefty number of stores due to poor sales.

New Technology

Gaming and technology go hand in hand. VR is not something we wish for. Very recently VR is becoming a viable option. The problem is, there are too many variations on the market. Coupled with the high price point for this technology and the multitude of different choices. This might resemble the Atari, Colecovision days of the 80’s. Do I think VR will become the main reason Video Game might crash? No, but it is showing a pattern of where gaming is continuing to go.

Broken Games

I talk about broken games a lot on here I know I am sorry. The thing is it is becoming a major issue, gaming is becoming easier to fix and update but the problem is that companies rely too much on the availability of the internet to fix problems that can be fixed before release.
Broken games are costing too much money to the consumer and everyone is fine with it but what will happen is a dip in sales for certain franchises if they do not fix a major issue before release. If a company is known for their broken games, gamers might jump ship and purchase other games from different companies.


Know I am not talking about MMO’s, Some games with a giant Multiplayer fan base drop the ball on single player. Charging a higher price point for a game which focuses solely on it Multiplayer will eventually lose players. The new model where they add Micro transaction for Multiplayer paid games. Micro transactions work for a free to play model but not for full retail priced games.

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