What Call OF Duty WWII means for the future of Gaming.

Call of Duty has become one of the most successful military first person shooters in the gaming community. COD is rivaled by Battlefield for top shooters in the war genre. Such titles like Black ops, and Modern Warfare have become classics. Even though COD is at the top of its game, it has fallen into a rut despite its spectacular sales, the reason for this, is their regurgitation of futuristic game play that has turned away many loyal fans.

The success of Battlefield 1’s return to the World War 1 era, EA Dice has rectified their lackluster cops and robberies platform Hardline. EA has revamped their IP and the fans are excited. Averaging 9/10 scores across the board with over 15 million in sales in its release rising to $1.15 billion only in the company’s third quarter. Hardline in its entirety brought in a whopping 4.5 billion, EA’s latest iteration is set to break that record with its increasing sales and future expansions.


Call of Duty, and Battlefield’s track record showed a decline in games with its reprocessed gameplay, it seems the video game developers are taking note. For a while gaming has hit a rut with overpriced games (including DLC, Microtransaction) games have become monotonous. The storylines have stated the same, as spectacular the acting power maybe and the visual graphics are, the gameplay for the most part has stayed the same.


Assassin Creed developer Ubisoft, was another company known for similar problems despite their increasing portfolio of games and sales, many fans have left the series due to its predictable gameplay. Ubisoft heard the fans outcry, halting the yearly release of the franchise to focus on giving a rich and new experience to a game that revolutionized the action adventure genre.


Call of Duty is taking a step into the right direction. I do believe that the future warfare games can be fun and for Activision to scrap the genre for good would be counterproductive. COD has become famous due to its different modes of play, Zombies being one of the funniest and exciting modes of play, becoming is one of the highest grossing add-ons for the property.  Activision should keep what works and what’s fun without over saturating the market with the same gameplay.

To keep games fun and exciting developers need to test the waters, giving us experiences that we haven’t played yet. GTA, Prince of Persia, Dark Souls, and Skyrim are some games that have opened new modes of play for gamer’s. If these games never tested the cliché waters of gameplay we wouldn’t have Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, Nioh, or Zelda Breath of the Wild. Innovation is what keeps technology growing.

World War 2 can be a new time in the franchise to give gamers a new and innovative experience. If this game is done right, offering new modes and exciting forms of gameplay we can see a return to the future with a new prospective. Call of Duty WWII is a sign of a better age of gaming, if done right we should see a new era of games that work and challenge us at the same time.

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