Top 5 Best Open World Games of 2017

Open world games seem to be the future. Games like The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto have opened the doors for endless possibilities. In an open world, you can do any and everything you want with minimum limitations. You can enjoy in your own way without ever completing any story specific game play Many players have clocked in endless hours of gameplay that is both enjoyable and exciting. GTA and Skyrim have really change the course of adventure and action games. the idea of open world games is the future, which in time will only evolve with time. The shear massive scope of an open world adds value to the gaming community this once revolutionary style of game play attracts more players as the genre begins to grow. Here we are going to share five best open world games of 2017, this list is not in any specific order, so this is not listing in an order of good to best.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Set to be released Fall of 2017 Rockstar Games is set to take us back to the Wild, Wild West. Introducing a new main character who looks stunning, (by the way) a trailer is out which shows the amazing graphics we will get to experience very soon. not much is known right now about the story, but if it is anything like its predecessor it will become an instant classic.


2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There is nothing new I can say about this game that has not already been said. Nintendo has raised the bar for not only open worlds, but Zelda games as well. BOTW follows a new timeline Link that awakens to a devastated world controlled by Calamity Ganon.

Link must master a huge list of shrines while trying to reclaim his memories, all the while trying to free the princess from the grasp of Ganon, restoring Hyrule once again to its former glory. The story is both engaging and fun, Although BOTW can be beaten pretty quickly, don’t you worry the game is littered with enough Easter eggs, shrines and challenges you’ll be discovering new weapons, gear and story plot twist’s in no time.  BOTW game mechanics makes the possibility to master any challenge in any creative way you can think possible.

The reasons why BOTW is so immersive is their new engine mixed with a list of new powers and abilities, you’ll be shield surfing down the snowy alps or gilding your way into adventure. BOTW was made using a demo version made in the vain of the original NES Game. Seeing as the original LOZ was an open world 8 bit classic, it is probably safe to say we might see a remake of the original game in this fashion, only time will tell.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is Sony’s very on Zelda Game, not exactly about saving a princess, HZD follows Ajoy, an Outcast who is trained by Rost another outcast who acts like a father figure to the main character. Ajoy as a child acquires a focus, a technological interface that gives her data and abilities that others do not have. HZD is set in a world where the future was sent back into a primitive time but technology has advanced so much that robotic creatures have gained sentience.

As an adult, Ajoy must pass the Proving in order to be accepted into the Nora tribe. Upon coming in first, a group of mercenaries start to attack and kill the other contestants leaving Ajoy to kill the assailants. Ajoy realizes the mercenaries have Focuses as well.  

Ajoy must find the secrets to her origin while trying to stop the uprising of the machines who have become surprisingly hostile to inhabitants. HZD is a stunning visual entry in Playstation’s rising line up\of games, with new ways of playing classic gameplay, like riding mounts, hacking into interfaces and hunting for food, weapons and plants you’ll be stalking a Strider in no time. Horizon Zero Dawn is a great example of Open World Games today


4. Metal Gear Survive/ Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has made Metal Gear the ultimate espionage thriller ever in gaming. We loved for over two decades. Unfortunately, due to a falling out with Metal Gear developer Konami both parties have parted ways leaving the popular Snake family to rest. Survive is the first Metal Gear game headlined without Kojima at the helm.  Survive is set to take place in an alternate universe were soldiers of Big Boss’s Militaires Sans Frontieres is transported through a wormhole into a world of zombies.

The team must survive trying everything to reach the regular world again. Although the stealth aspect of Metal Gear might be gone in this one (it’s too early to tell) I for one is going into this, not as a Metal Gear Game but to see it as a new standalone franchise, hopefully they can pull it off. IF Konami can ensure a GTA V style online availability to access maximum players working in Co-op using an engine similar to the Phantom Pain. We could have a really great idea on our hands.



Kojima fans do not despair, Kojima is set to release his new IP Death Stranding starring Norman Reedus of Walking Dead and Boondock Saints fame and Hannibal Lecter himself Mad Mikkelsen, this game is set to become the game we have been looking for. Death Stranding seems to follow classic Kojima themes, War and the repercussions of it on the people affected by war.  Directed by Guillermo del Toro this is a must play game.  Unfortunately there is no set date for release.Sony-E3-2016-1594.0.0.jpg

5. Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon has also tested the boundaries of war games. Focusing on squad based gameplay Ghost Recon is a titan in gaming that never seems to get the respect it deserves. The game is set in a fictions Bolivia were a narco drug cartel by the name of Santa Blanca has assumed control of the country, you and your team of “Ghosts” must work together to take down this mega criminal empire.

Playing either the Single player campaign or working online co-op as a team. There is a plethora of different ways you can tackle each mission. Making relationships with local rebels or taking down the head honchos of the organization area by area, you’ll be immersed into the game in no time The beautiful lands, breath taking visuals and the infinite list of vehicles that you can use make the game interesting and worth playing. .


Open world games always give a new and exciting experience to players. So, don’t miss it in 2017 and enjoy these games with full momentum.

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