The Ultimate Debate Sony Vs. Microsoft


2017 has become the epitome of gaming. Technology is touching upon the cusp of the Jetsons. 4k And V.R. are changing  the gaming world. The titans of console gaming the PS4 and Microsoft XBOX One are mega houses of gaming hardware. The features, are phenomenal, game streaming, downloadable games and movies, outstanding visual textures, and a update cloud that contains not only saves but full games. Console gaming has hit its pinnacle. Sony has released its latest iteration of the Playstation 4 with the Pro, utilizing 4k technology. Microsoft has been a bit hush, hush on it’s project Scorpio that is said to be the masterpiece of gaming.


The performance of both systems are great. PS4 and Xbox One  are powerful juggernauts with their native  1080p resolutions, but fair warning some games max out at only 920p. It’s reported that PS4 is dropping its frames but still you can easily run 30 or 60 frames per second. 



There is a lot of difference in PS4 and Xbox when it comes to design. PS4 has a slim and sleek design with an attractive light bar in the middle, the more compact while the slim is more sleek solid looking system. The  Xbox is heavier and larger in the size but still as attractive as any system before it. The power storage capacity of Xbox is around  500 GB’s but there are different versions that house a 1TB hard drive, the same with the PS4. Memory is not an option with external hardrives the amount of storage is potentially infinite. image1


Xbox has sturdier and powerful 360 style controller and two rumble motor. All gamers will agree to me in the point that Xbox controller is the best release of controllers. The PS4 controller is no loser in this category, the new DualShock 4 is a great feel, although the Xbox is geared towards FPS’s the DualShock 4 is a strong contender. Games like Call of Duty or Battlefield feels amazing with the PS4.  Bringing back the six axis motion sensing from the previous Dualshock 3, Sony has improved on this controller with the addition of the touch pad. More and more games are utilizing the touchpad that really change the immersion of player to game.  


Port and Storage:

Microsoft has packed two HDMI inputs and one IR Blaster in Xbox one which lets the user connect the consoles with cable TV  with a channel guide Xbox is the multimedia system.  PS4 doesn’t fall short in this aspect, with the inclusion of PSVue cord cutters can watch any show they want. The built in cloud DVR is more intuitive and sleeker than other services out today. The PS4 can also go into rest mode to help you download and update your system and games without you having to keep the system on.

This mode is slower but it does help to alleviate the wait, you can turn the system into rest mode and leave for work and everything downloads, even your controller charges in this mode it is a great method Sony has made.5


Both have thousands of games are present in their libraries and even the third party games are available on both consoles.  This is the main thing that defines a system for you, and that is exclusivity. Of Course Xbox has  returning series like Halo and Gears of War, that have garnered a mega following.  PS4’s exclusives like God of War, which is set to be released this year and  Yakuza are mainstays for the system. ALl of the specs mean nothing in today’s day and age.

Gone are the days of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis’s bit wars, where the differences in graphics and gameplay determined which system beat the other. Sony and Microsoft are very similar in scope. It is the games that define which one is better for you as a gamer, are you a sports junky, a RPG fan, or a FPS fanatic, these type of games determine which system you will buy. The preference of controllers mean nothing anymore, It is even easier to get controllers for each system that fits your comfortability.  ALK4YDy.jpg



The PS4 Pro 1080p can range up to 1440p on a 4K TV and a native 2160P for any game that is developed for 4K gaming.  It is also said to upscale games not naturally 4K, kind of like what BLu-ray did for DVD.

The Pro is also supposed to boost framerate, enhance  Visual FX, and include Anti-aliasing that smooths out faces making the character look more realistic. All of these upgrades can enhance certain game environments making things clearer and much more vivid and visible. So all you snipers out there you could be getting a clearer shot.

The Scorpio will have the same specs as the PS4 when it comes to boosting native 1080p games and the coveted 4K resolutions. Scorpio is upgrading their graphics memory up to 12 GB of GDDR5 Ram from the ones previous 8GBs. The optical drive will be boosted with 4K UHD. This raises the memory of games to almost infinite numbers, there is literally nothing future games will not be able to do. 


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