Top 5. New Youtuber’s You Should Be Watching

Television is dead. Well at least in my eyes, most shows on TV are the same drawn out, mundane alternate versions of each other (excluding Game of Thrones). As a cord-cutter, I find myself watching TV less and less, gravitating to online sources more and more. YouTube for the past 5 years has become a mega house of original content. Who needs to read anything when you can watch a YouTube video and bam your closer to becoming an expert (no, please read books, way better than a video please).  I catch myself consistently watching any content around gaming. Youtubers like Markiplier and PewDiePIe have changed the medium forever. But they aren’t the only ones that make YouTube exciting there are a huge number of different content. This list I will list some of the best that I have had the opportunity to enjoy.

1. BluePaw

BluePaw is an amazing channel. Fairly new its only been around since August of 2016, but non the less very engaging and fun to watch. BluePaw has very good Pokémon content, with the live battles Bluepaw delivers his content in such an exciting in depth way. The videos are clear and inviting and  BluePaw is an expert when it comes to presenting all of the details and intricacies of Pokémon and battling, 

With only 52 subscribers the amount of content is phenomenal over 50+ videos of different content you’ll be watching this channel for hours. If you do decide to check this channel out, it is very easy to want to start playing with the way it is presented. Do not feel left out you can play with BluePlaw as he invites any one to join in.  The videos are a most watch, and the music for his videos are upbeat ad catchy, this is the beginning of a new YouTube sensation check him out.

Blue Paw

2. JCross

JCross is the future of YouTube. JCross is very funny and relevant to streaming,  Jcross’s content is presented in such a professional and exciting fashion. This channel was started December of 2016 but it feels like he has been on. For years. 310 subscriptions and still growing, JCross lets play videos are what the genre should be. His commentary is to die for.  

JCross’s comedic timing mixed with his quirky sound effect really brings his content alive. His commentary for his 30 plus videos remind me of watching Beavis and Butthead’s music video segments, but he is no loser. JCross is entertaining and is definitely binge worthy.  The professional video quality is phenomenal, games like For Honor and 7 days to die seem to pop out of the screen even on mobile devices. Check out JCross you will not be disappointed.  JCross

3.  White Wolves

As soon as the intro for White Wolves channel begins you know your in for a treat. White Wolves celebrates its 2 year anniversary this Saturday May 6 2017. Their videos are hilarious, if you’re in need of entertaining good content, well this is the channel for you.  Mostly focusing on PC and PS4 their  “Best Funny” compilation videos are to die for. The commentary mixed with high profile audio makes these videos a much watch. Never ever taking the shelves to serious, this channel gets what video game comedy is about.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale Games coverage seem to be some of the latest videos up, but do not worry they have enough content to keep you laughing on your way to work. Thier Alternative Choices videos are really good, something you will already be able to tell once you see their original thumbnails. Playing an older game like Wanted they can bring such properties back to life with zany quips and relevant contents.  22,000 subscribers these guys are no newbie, check out this channel now.

White Wolves


This Channel is a must watch if you love Overwatch, AMARVELLOUS really gets the game. Each video showcases a particular character, going in depth to bring you all kinds of strategy so you can dominate. The videos are clear and concise and when they do their music montage of gameplay showing you the effects of there strategy you’ll want to play Overwatch as well. 

This Channel is hip and vibrant, the music is so good and very inviting. If YouTube videos were a celebrity this one is the Rihanna of gaming.  I personally have learned a lot of tips watching her videos and I must say I rewatch her content over and over because it is so good. 260 Subscriptions and like the other growing and I project it to hit a 1000 in a very short span. Please check this one out it is amazing to say the least. AMARVELOUS Gaming

5. Jar_Dex

Jar_Dex is like the music video compilation of the gaming world. Their Halo videos are at best really fun, the mash up of uptempo music mixed with HD quality gameplay is a great interim channel to watch if you just want to watch expert gameplay while listening to some really good music. 

Established in 2014, with over 4,000 views this is a relatively small scale niche of YouTube videos But it should be enjoyed. Jar Dex puts a lot of work into his videos and you should subscribe do not miss any other videos its a must experience. Jar Dex

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