Telltale Games Continue a Legacy

Telltale Games are fun story based games, not a lot of action is done by the player like you would see in Rocksteady’s Batman or GearBox’s Borderlands but non the less still great story driven game play.  Telltale’s isn’t the first foray in adventure choice driven games. The 80’s and 90’s PC gaming culture, held a library of fun Adventure games.


Over the past month I have purchased and played some of the classics I enjoyed as a kid. Games like the Original Kings Quest series and Lands of Lore have really brought me back to the geeky kid I once was. I must thank GOG for offering these collections. Switching back and forth between Guardians of the Galaxy’s Episode one and playing through Police Quest 2 got me thinking, this genres has been around for years.


Now the differences are obvious, Telltale games are laced with studio quality graphics and compelling stories. The quick time events owes it self to Shenmue for the Dreamcast, which introduce a new format of game play that link story and action with a sprinkle of puzzle. Most games of the past were either point and click or first person dungeon crawlers but all of those differences aside gives the player the same feeling and game play.But what about consoles did they have anything similar to adventure games that we see today. The answer is YES. Hideo Kojima’s classics prior to his Metal Gear fame was the cult classic Snatcher. Being based heavily on the cult classic Bladerunner .


Snatcher was a Japanese import that was released in North America for the Sega CD. If you are the few who do not know of Snatcher the story is basic. You work for a private organization who tracks and destroys Snatchers. Snatchers are robot who kidnap, kill and take on the identity of their victims and live their lives as them. Gilliam Seed and his robotic partner Metal Gear MKII are Junkers, who most solve the mystery of the death of  the former junker who died.  Kojima followed this one up with Policenauts that had an all new story and game play.


Sierra the company who brought a lot of these ancient games, started a trend of DOS games that for most introduced gaming to a lot of kids.  Sierra a subsidiary of ActivisionBlizzard is set to release their classic games for a new generation of gamer’s. We have already seen this with the release of Kings Quest and they say there is more to come.


Adventure games are great and the best part cheap, If you just want to enjoy some good graphics and amazing story Telltale has you covered. If You want to experience some of yesteryear’s greatest entries run over to GOG, their usually running great deals.

Adventure Games live on and I couldn’t be happier


One thought on “Telltale Games Continue a Legacy

  • May 5, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    I’m a huge adventure game fan. I can’t stand fighting, one I’m too spastic to work the controller, two I’m just not a big fan of violence. I’m a puzzle person and many times an adventure game is just perfect that. But if they don’t announce and confirm a release date for TWAU Season 2 soon I’m going to go insane with wonder and anticipation!


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