Legends of Ellaria is Skyrim Evolved.

Skyrim has changed the face of RPG’s, what use to be the norm is no longer. RPG’s have become more exciting and more immersive as technology continues to advance. Games like The Witcher 3 owes in some part a piece of their success to Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls franchise, even a very successful linear JRPG franchsie  like Final Fantasy, tried their hands in the open world genre to complete success.

What The Elder Scroll’s Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim has done for western RPG’s their is another game that is testing the boundaries of the genre and challenging the status quo of great games. Larkon Studio’s  Legends OF Ellaria is an ambition entry into the open world genre, but it is not just open world game. Think Total War mixed with Skyrim, and you will be touching only on a small percentage of what this game has to offer.

Let’s say you’ve just finished exploring the world,  in most games you would either return to the village or town that you receive missions from and sleep in the local inn or in the wilderness. Some games allow you to purchase houses and gives you the option to marry someone, but what if your town is an entire kingdom,  what if before you  decided to venture into the unknown, you gave orders to your own people to build and maintain said kingdom.


You can train your citizens to farm, and construct the your kingdom. Need to expand? no problem, you can also train warriors and wizards to expand your kingdom fighting wars or solidifying  alliances, all while you traverse the world

Well in Legends of Ellaria you can do this, mixing First Person style with sand box components this ambitious game allows you to play in any form you want. This is such a breakthrough in the open world platform, complete control is yours. But there is more, your decisions have impact, whatever you choose from diplomacy to conquering everything has consequences.  The world and the people in it are intelligent and ever changing due to your decisions


Conquer the world your way. There are four seamless modes of play, that you can switch between with a press of a button.  Build your kingdom yourself, or explore the world, by taking on quest or just exploring. If the other clans are hostile why not control your armies in battle by switching to RTS mode. Play your way, this is such a crazy idea that it seems to good to be true, and the thing is it is all true.

Watch the sandbox elements. 

Interested in the story here is a synopsis straight from the kick starter’s page

You are the rightful king of one of the five clans, and as king, your task is to bring your kingdom back to its former glory by building, expanding, fighting and exploring in the new world of Ellaria. Your task will not be easy, as the other clans has opened their own portals, and are searching for the same thing you are looking for – The Rift Stone. This stone is the source of all magic which is the base of any kingdom’s power. But as you go deeper into Ellaria, you’ll find that the ancients have left much more powerful artifacts than you can imagine.


Lark Studio’s Inc. are breaking new ground and I for one am excited. Legends of Ellaria has received the necessary backing  needed to get this game ready for Steam. Right now there is an early access that can be accessed  through the official website for Legends of Ellaria,  check out  what this game has to offer. Lark Studios are also offering DRM Free digital copies for anyone who chooses to participate in the early access.  


Official Website

Twitter @L_O_Ellaria

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