DCU Should Learn from their Digital properties.

It is no shock that the anticipation for the new Justice League movie is at an all time high following last years mixed reviews on Batman V.Superman. This June we will see the release of Wonder Woman on the big screen. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine seem to be a great pair to headline the epic standalone Fans are dying to see.


The problem is DC and their cinematic universe has to contend with the titanic Marvel Cinematic Universe that has taken Comic Book Movies by storm. The release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is setting a good foundation for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-man: Homecoming set to be released later this year. But what Marvel excels at in their Cinematic and Netflix properties they do lack in other mediums. This is where DC takes the cake, Movies like Teen Titans: The Judas Contract  and Batman :The Killing Joke translate the comics in tone and execution to a flawless victory. So with DC ruling the Animated throne with its darker, more realistic stories fail at the box office?



Well that’s the question everyone is asking, Some will say it is easier to make an animated movie due to the endless resources that may be used in an animated feature film, as opposed to the draw backs to live action. This seems like a good excuse but this has become shattered with movies like Logan with its darker tone and rated r content and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 that still held the charm of the original but explored more and more of family and the consequences of peoples actions.

DC is known and revered for touching on subjects more mature for the average reader, even with their convoluted alternate earths premise to revamp the genre over and over DC still wins in conveying strong characters who have to live with real life consequences.


Lets take a look at the Injustice games, that delve into what can happen to seemingly morally correct people who makes the choose to kill in order to save the masses. Killing off beloved characters bringing different ones into roles, are fun exciting and thought provoking. Injustice 2’s story is what Fans would love to see on the big screen. promo319153646.jpg

I believe the problem is with Zack Snyder, still riding off of the success of  300. Snyder’s vision for comic movies are grand but fall short of delivering a great story like we would see in an Nolan film. The problem with BvS was the making of a visually stunning movie devoid of personality and depth. By no means am I saying the story is bad but the execution of the story was poorly done.


So how can writing affect a genre of movies that are based on not only visual but good writing? Well the answer is Vision the vision for DC movies pale in comparison to the vision we as fans want to see. The DC movies are out of touch with the fans, as a DC fan there are so many different modes of content that we have read, watched and played. The success of TV shows like The Flash, Green Arrow and Super Girl captures audiences every week this is poorly translated into the cinematic universe.

Marvel has a plan that encompass not only their movies but TV and games alike. It is all connected we know that at any moment what happens on the TV could have an affect in the movies and vice versa, it makes sense that we can see this universe unfold. The world is fleshed out more and more creating a gigantic universe piece by piece. DC does this in its respected fields. TV’s Flash lives in a world were he can teem up with Green Arrow or Super Girl. The animated movies moves the stories along what may have happened in last years movie has an effect in this years, but they all are different not connected.

DC is far from failing what they need to do is translate their success on the small scale into a block buster franchise that captures the fans. Give the fans what they have been waiting for the Heroes they deserve.

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