How Microtransactions are Hurting You


This is the era in which the success of every game in the market is attributed to the microtransactions involved in it. Microtransactions take the place of what used to be free. The long hard and grueling time that we used to spend unlocking new gear and levels are now for profit. The Mobile Gaming market in a sense is to blame for the state of consoles. Take a game like UFC 2, where you can create a fighter to use in offline and online matches but instead of training to becoming stronger EA has instituted a microtransaction system where you spend points purchasing power up packs that contain moves and abilities. The problem with UFC 2 and other games are the limits to where you can go for free. Spending money on upgrades is for the most part the only way to enhance your character and experience, the amount of time that you will need to collect coins so that you can enjoy the game would be astronomical.

Disadvantages of Microtransactions:

  1. Availability of Additional Content:

Offering additional content after the initial release of the game to make it more interesting has existed in gaming since the days of the PlayStation 2.  Buying extended editions or map packs are a way to continue the replayability of certain games, DLC does and is a good way to offer such content in a fast and easy way. The problem that DLC has evolved to is not with the extra content but with the original. Games are either broken on launch or not the complete game. Studios are relying on DLC to pick up the slack, this works for free to play games and MMORPG’s but it hurts the full priced games.


 Only for Money People:

The drawback of microtransactions, which strike us the most was the fact that it was asking for additional payments even for the next level in games.  This can only work in free games, this is not deceptive in practice because we have come to expect some sort of transaction after downloading free to play games. But for games like For Honor, a game where you must pay up front before you play is deceptive. This is a money grab, producing a great game with amazing experiences shouldn’t be bogged down by excessive microtransactions. Buying new weapons, armor and gear with anything other than unlocked in game currency is wrong. No gamer should pay to win, paying full price for a game should be enough admission to the ride. Developers should know paying full price and then paying more money to unlock the rest of the game will hurt the gaming industry in the long run. Games like For Honor should either follow a free to play model or only offer microtransactions for cosmetic purposes only, people who do not want to earn the gear but still making it a leveled play field for grinders and purchasers.


  1. The Only Way to Make Money for Dev Teams (false)

Developers want you to believe that there is a plight of poor sales distribution for them. I will agree that most people who work on games do not see the amount of money generated from their work. Most of the revenue are seen by advertisement, production and the developer before reaching any coder, graphic designer, etc. They still want you the player to comprehends this plight by accepting microtransactions.  The issue with this tactic is the absurd attempt at shafting the consumer into purchasing games that are not finished, despite the many years of development and promises.  Now this can work for a game like Destiny 2, being that the game is an online only MMO. Even though you do pay full price for the game microtransactions and future DLC helps to keep these games fresh and new without charging a flat fee like Final Fantasy 14 and the World of Warcraft. I would say that Destiny 2 should only cost around $30.00 on launch. The reason for that price point is mainly because consumers would be more inclined to purchase said game at a more affordable price and the developers make more money on microtransactions then they do in initial sales.


Unpopular Among Gamers:

No matter what you say or think, a gamer is a gamer after all and he doesn’t care about who developed the game because he is busy playing it and if something comes in between fulfilling his desire of playing more of the game, he simply gets furious and never ever plays that game which asks for money.  This is where you the gamer has the power stop paying more for games that do not offer more in return.  The only way to change this is to stop buying certain games, we have so many different types of ways to get the low down on a game before and after release.  Therefore pre-orders are a waste of money, it’s a tactic to lock you down in to purchasing the game. Do not pre-order a game unless it is a property you are familiar with and offers something completely exclusive to pre-order that can never be bought in the future.

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