Thank You… Sorry for the Wait

To all of the Cheap Gamers out there who are valued readers and honored subscribers I just wanted to say Thank You for allowing me to do this. The reception that I receive is phenomenal.

I do have to apologize for the lack of content, currently I am working with a publisher to produce my epic fantasy Novel. Day in and Day out I am working to find the best and intelligent content that promotes a positive view of the Gaming culture. On top of this I am working on my magnum opus, I promise to continue to produce great content in between the times I am not rigorously  typing away. Hopeful to make it an best seller.


The novel is called Deus: Saga of Vert Monde


Deus is set in the fictional roman esque world of Anon . The main character Kon is an amnesiac gladiator and slave. Kon has attained the highest title any Gladiator can obtain and he is revered all over Anon. Kon’s fame and arrogant bravado angers the Master’s, who orchestrate a plan to sell the woman he loves and plot to have him murder his own brother. The Master’s devious plot sets off a course of events that concerns even the Gods in the heavens. Kon’s only chance to save the ones he loves is to work for Tairea the Goddess of War in finding an ancient artifact said to hold the secrets of the world. This object threatens humanity who are unaware of their last days. God against God, Human against Human.  Kon’s Adventure will change life itself.


I’m very passionate about this project and I am excited to eventually share it with you. Once again THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT.

The CheapGamer82


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