The First Female Super Saiyan is here


Dragon Ball Super hasn’t been the thrill ride previously anticipated upon announcement.  Retelling the tales from the two Movies Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F and the sad and long Goku Black story line. DBS has failed to live up to the excitement of what made Dragon Ball Z the international hit we all grew to love.

Negating the events of the previous sequel “Dragon Ball GT”, Super has opened a new world not explored by its predecessors. Introduction of the Gods and the reveal of multiple universes. Time travel has played a very important role in the Dragon Ball universe with the many interventions in time by the popular Trunks. As we all know Trunks latest adventures in time have unearthed the mega powerful Zen-Oh the lord and master of all universes in Dragon Ball. 

The Tournament of Power is said to be the one redeeming event to drive some excitement back to the series. Unfortunately, the filler episodes continue to drag out the whole preparation for the event.  I will say that some episodes are entertaining and they are relevant to the overall story but in some moments, seem to drag out the story too much. 

Plot and story structure aside the excitement for the tournament is still high, the introduction of the multi- universe tournament that will determine the existence of every inhabitant is surprisingly interesting. Mixing the nostalgic reintroduction to such characters like Muten-Roshi and Tien(Tenshihan) and the long wait for Gohan to return in full form, makes the long drawn out wait worth it so far.  2017-05-09-1-850x560

The multiverse is the true winner in this story arc, the many Gods of Destruction and their chosen warriors to defend their universe, I think is a good way to bring in new characters and rivals. This method introduced a long-standing fan theory of alternate reality Saiyans.  These Saiyans are not as trained and experienced as the main Saiyans that we are accustomed to but this brings in a new concept long awaited to see.

The first Female Super Saiyan, the want to see this type of character alluded the Dragon Ball GT series. Pan the child of Gohan and Videl unfortunately did not attain the coveted power to turn super saiyan. The reasons for this is mainly due to the look for this character couldn’t be agreed upon to be implemented properly. Episode 92 has confirmed that it is possible for the females of the Saiyan race. Caulifla  is taught how to become SSG by Cabba who is the first SSG of his universe. The scene unfortunately seemed flat, it lacked the intensity of DBZ’s climatic transformations of Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan  and the comedic transformations of Goten and Trunks There is hope for Pan and maybe Bra (Bulla) after all.


Episode 92 isn’t the first time we have seen the character in promotional advertisement and opening sequences, have shown a female Broly type character transforming into a SSG with bulging muscles. leaving many fans to believe this is Toriyama attempt to bring Broly into the the canon universe. This episode has shown that this character maybe Kale, even though she hasn’t transformed yet the ability can be unlocked.

The Tournament of Power is still a little way ahead but my hope for this series is still high.  

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