Top 10 Annoying Bosses in Video Games.

It is no surprise that Video Games are meant to give the player a challenge. Grueling through some of the most intense moments in gaming, from Fighting your way through a tournament or solving the puzzle blocking you from advancing. All gamer’s are given  the ultimate reward, the inevitable boss that will either break ever bone in your body, or decimate you into a gooey puddle of failure. These are the ten most annoying bosses in Video Gaming history.



The original sub boss of the mega blockbuster Street Fighter 2 takes the tenth spot on this list. Not for his ferocious attacks and fun play ability but his antagonizing annoyance. Sagat not only throws a barrage of projectile attacks but if You try to move in closer trying your best to bridge the gap. Sagat attacks with a devastating Tiger Uppercut that nearly shatters your life bar. Is he still mad at Ryu for his scar, I don’t know I really don’t know but he is clearly angry and he needs a hug. If you’ve bested this jerk I salute you .Sagat exudes annoyance one Tiger at a time.


9.  GALACTUS: MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3maxresdefault

I know what your thinking, Galactus should be number one well he doesn’t get that honor. This oversize lack of imagination only takes the 9th spot because he is so Annoying. Not only do you have to fight silver clones of already playable characters, overpowered to the max but then this giant Magneto looking reject comes out of nowhere flicking his finger or slamming his fist into you.

Try as you might Galactus must be defeated as fast as possible if not he will release a move so devastating blocking will become your enemy. This leaves absolutely no hope for Marvel Vs Capcom 4 who else will Capcom bring Ego the living planet, Oh man they are aren’t they a giant planet to fight. Galactus this is your fault.  I hate you Galactus, I truly do.



This one is for Mortal Kombat 3 Shao Kahn, Look at him just sitting their on his high throne, he thinks he is getting earth realm and all he needs to do is invade earth to force a tournament in order to take it. Imagine you pick your character fight through all of the contestants. survived reptiles, fire breathing ninja skeletons, mind shattering screaming women and a freaking centaur a for real centaur. Finally you’ve made it you get to fight Shao Kahn for the fate of the earth.

The round starts and “Bam!!!!” a shoulder rush, then another, and another, You maneuver around this tactic and a sledgehammer to the face. Your life is depleted and this onslaught of unblock able attacks continue until you hear finish him.  Shao Kahn is a testament to test your might, forever he will go down in history as the reason many Sega genesis , Sony Playstation and Super Nintendo controllers are forever broken in anger. R.I.P Controllers you will be missed.



What a surprise another one from Street Fighter, the final boss of the original Street Fighter 2 franchise, will make you wish you were fighting Sagat again. The World Warrior tournament is his baby and he will show you why he is the daddy. M.Bison brings an onslaught of psycho crushes that will propel you across the screen.

Head stomps included seriously this guy stands on your head for a few seconds how humiliating is this not only is he blocking every attempt you make to dwindle his life bar but he has the nerve to stand on your head when he feels like.

The most satisfying moment is not only finally beating this jerk but watching him tumble to the floor in defeat. Now only if there were a move yo could do that requires a player to stand over a defeated foe as he lays on the floor adding insult to injury hmmm.



This guy, he haunted my nightmares as a child. Geese Howard the King of South Town the murder of Jeff Bogard the adoptive father of Terry and Andy Bogard. The final boss of the original Fatal Fury and for the first King of Fighters Tournament.  Fatal Fury is not an easy game to make your way through but oh do they have a reward for your hard effort, this guy.

Geese Howard is an unstoppable force. Sliding Kicks and fire projectiles this monster will not quit until you are dead. Geese is a lot more versatile then the other jerks on this list. Jumping is a feet you must be ready for choose your strategy wisely Geese has come to play. If you do beat Geese do not play the game again put it on your shelf and marvel at it like a trophy. You did it.



Violent Ken is the product of a what if? scenario based off of the Street Fighter II: Animated movie, where Ken is brainwashed by M. Bison and infused with Bison’s Pyscho power. This version is a sadistic asshole bent on killing you at all cost.  Violent Ken has all of his regular moves but so powerful one hit will send you careening across your screen. His transition moves are akin to Akuma’s as he moves almost instantly around you.

His Shoryureppa is another problem coupled with the purple aura of Pyshco Power if you are caught the 11 hit combo id a devastating blow. Speed and ferocity combined will cause you to constantly continuing over and over. To top it all off  Violent Ken is back in Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challangers.  This version isn’t as deadly and annoying as the CVS version but non the less a bad ass be weary of his Shoryuken.




It is official Capcom hates you, do not debate it its fact SF has created some of the most annoying over powered fighters in history. Seth takes the cake. Seth becomes the boss of Shadowloo  now known as S.I. N after the supposed demise of M.Bison.  Seth is a  Silver Surfer/ Mr. Manhattan knock off, and he is mad about it. Seth is not an easier contender whether he is absorbing you in that big ball of Yin and Yang and spitting you out like a pinball. or  pummeling you into oblivion Seth will destroy any confidence you have left.

Despite his bulky exterior he is an agile fighter, trying to out maneuver him will be a task  blocking is your best friend but do not count on it completely equipped with sonic booms and raising dragon punches this bastard is well equipped to deal an all around onslaught of angry tirade of fun.  Teleportation his way behind you for an air power bomb/ pile driver Seth will make you wish you were fighting Bison all over again. Seth I hate you may you burn for eternity.



The head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and the Mishima family this grandpa is no joking matter. Throwing his son over a cliff as a child, manipulating other people into doing what he wants. Fatheering children around the world this guy is the perfect enemy. The first time you fight Heihachi is no easy task. spinning uppercuts, electrified punches, kicks and combos that will make you wish that you never played the game in the first place.

Heihachi is the perfect antagonist, Power is what drives him no matter who kills him somehow he returns to fight again. His bloodline is strong Kazuya his son is equal parts powerful coupled with the devil Gene and his father Jinpachi is a problem all in its self. Word of advice do not let him grab you if he does it is all over.

2, Rugal – King of Fighters


Rugal Bernstein is the Boss of the early King of Fighter games. This regal looking jerk wad has destroyed many fighters for years.  His evasion and blocking abilities are above par.  Rugal has to be the most agile one on this list, this former arms dealer, deals out blood and it is so annoying.

Spamming energy punches mixed with Slashing Aura, you will be lucky to land a good hit on this guy.  This guy is like all of the main fighters rolled into one.  Do not get me started on Omega Rugal this bastard is a shirtless wave of anger he has this charged clothesline attack that will take off a good chink of your life stare clear of him. I’m serious if you see this guy on the street cross it.

1. Devil Kazuya- Tekken 7

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Tekken 7 was just released and I understand if people are not happy with Kazuya taking the top spot. But if you have played through he Mishima storyline of the game you will fight this bastard and let me tell you, he is more annoying than soggy bread. To be fair the fight with him is fairly easy until you reach the final battle.

Leaving you at an handicap this will have you swearing up and down if you do not believe me fight him go ahead I dare you

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